A Beauty Store In Vientiane

A beauty store in Vientiane. New Chongqing Client News (Reporter Yu Zhibin) On February 9, the reporter learne from Jiulongpo. District Market Supervision Bureau that the Jiulongpo District Market Supervision Bureau recently seize a cosmetics illegal case in a beauty shop in Vientiane. It is understood that in a beauty store selling cosmetics and providing life beauty services in Vientiane City. Law enforcement officers found that the cosmetics were name. The operating table of the beauty room only had foreign language labels. No Chinese logo. According to the person in charge of the store, the above-mentione products are lotion and beauty lotion importe from abroad. After opening, they will be use by consumers who come to the store for skin care. In addition, law enforcement officers also found 36 bottles (boxes) of 8 kinds of cosmetics with only foreign language labels on the store’s shelves.

The Beauty Store A Beauty Store In Vientiane

The beauty store use cosmetics without Chinese labels, which violate the relevant provisions of the “Regulations on the Soothely Neck Massager Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics”, and law enforcement officers took administrative coercive measures of seizure on the spot. The relevant person in charge of the Jiulongpo District Market Supervision Bureau introduce that in accordance with the “Cosmetics Supervision Regulations”, operators need to establish a purchase inspection record system in accordance with the law, check the supplier’s market entity registration certificate, cosmetics registration or filing status, and ensure that consumers are provide. Qualifie products that meet the regulations. Foreign cosmetics need to be registere with the drug regulatory department of the State Council before they can be importe and sold.

Consumers Should Purchase Cosmetics

After the record, importe cosmetics can directly use Chinese labels or add Chinese labels. If the cosmetics purchase by American Beauty or use by consumers have full foreign language labels. The cosmetics may be smuggle into the country and sold on the market. Domestic illegal operators may produce and paste foreign language labels to pretend to be importe cosmetics.” The person in charge said. Jiulongpo District Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers: Consumers should purchase cosmetics through formal channels and ask for shopping receipts. If the cosmetics purchase or use by consumers have no Chinese logo or quality problems. They can call 12315 in time to report complaints.

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