Baby Skin Care To See

Baby Skin Care To See. The weather is so dry that even adults feel uncomfortable on their skin. Not to mention babies whose skin is not yet fully developed. Which is quite easy to be irritated or infected. It is unreliable for a mother to take care of her baby’s skin based on experience alone. Let’s learn how to take care of her baby’s delicate skin! 1. Cover the baby’s tender skin with a protective film Your baby’s skin is not yet fully developed. So dryness and dehydration are likely to damage it. Use pure and mild products such as baby shower gel to bathe your baby. While thoroughly cleaning your baby’s skin.

Your Baby’s Skin Effectively Resists Bacteria

It leaves a natural protective film on your baby’s skin and effectively resists bacteria. After Skincell Advanced bathing, you can use baby-specific skin care products containing natural moisturizing ingredients, such as lotion, moisturizer, moisturizer oil, etc., which can form a protective film and effectively protect the baby’s skin. 2. Take care of the baby’s immature lips to avoid chapping Even grown-ups treat themselves to lip balm or lip balm in dry weather. The baby’s small lips are more delicate than those of adults, and lack of water is more likely to cause chapped, chapped, and bleeding lips. When the baby’s lips are dry and chapped, first apply a small damp towel to the lips to allow the lips to fully absorb the moisture. Baby Skin Care To See.

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The Baby’s Skin Is Much Thinner Baby Skin Care To See

Then apply lip balm, and at the same time, pay attention to let the baby drink more water. 3. Never use a rough towel to scrub your baby The baby’s skin is much thinner than that of an adult, with fewer collagen fibers in the skin, and lacks elasticity. Is easily penetrated by foreign objects and damaged by friction. Therefore, a soft towel should be used when wiping the baby’s body or face. Choose towels that are soft, skin-friendly, and breathable for your baby. 4. Choose the right skin care products for your baby For babies, you must choose baby-specific skin care products. There are many types of children’s skin care products on the market. When purchasing, you should choose those moisturizers that do not contain fragrances. Baby Skin Care To See.

Choose Baby-Specific Skin Care Products

Alcohol, and irritation, and can well protect the skin’s moisture balance. The brand of baby skin care products should not be changed frequently so that the baby’s skin does not need to make repeated adjustments to different skin care products. If the baby has an allergic reaction after using skin care products, such as skin redness, rash, etc., stop using them immediately. 5. Choose a tear-free formula for toiletries Babies’ lacrimal glands are not fully developed and cannot secrete enough tears to protect their eyes. They are often damaged by external irritants. Avoid using ordinary shampoo or two-in-one shampoo when bathing your baby.

Choose A Shampoo Or Body Wash

Choose a shampoo or body wash specially designed for babies, with a special no-tear formula, pure and mild quality, 100% soap-free, will never irritate the baby’s eyes, and can effectively clean the baby’s scalp, Remove dandruff. 6. Appropriate nutrition is the premise to ensure the baby’s skin health To ensure that children have enough calories and protein intake every day, they must also have enough vitamins to avoid a partial eclipse and prevent vitamin deficiency, which can promote skin metabolism and make the skin shiny and elastic. Whether the baby’s skin is healthy or not is closely related to the nutritional status of the whole body. Different children may be allergic to different foods or drugs.

The Skin When Itching

So parents must observe carefully in order to avoid food in a targeted manner. 7. The baby’s clothes and bedding should be washed and changed frequently Choose soft cotton for your baby’s underwear. Sheets, and diapers, as chemicals in new clothes or left behind from washing with soap or detergent, can irritate your child’s sensitive skin. New clothes should be washed before putting them on your child. During the first few months, the baby’s clothes should be washed separately from other clothes. Pay attention to using mild detergent and rinse several times. In addition, the baby’s clothes should not be worn too much and too tight. So as not to cause profuse sweating and scratch the skin when itching. 8. Pay attention to sun protection when going out Sunshine is beneficial to the healthy growth of the baby.

The Skin Pigment Cells Are Few

Appropriate exposure to sunlight can maintain a certain level of melanin synthesis, and increase the body’s disease resistance while sun protection. But the baby’s pigment layer is thin, the skin pigment cells are few, and it is easy to be burned by ultraviolet rays in the sun. So it is essential to apply some sunscreen and skin care products to the baby when going out. It is best to choose professional baby sunscreen body lotion, which does not contain organic chemicals and can increase the skin’s sun protection ability by 15 times, giving your baby and you mild and effective sun protection. 9. Do not use adult prickly heat powder Many parents are used to pouring some prickly heat powder on their children after taking a bath.

But if they use adult prickly heat powder by mistake, it will damage the baby’s health. Especially American Beauty adult prickly heat powder contains boric acid, which is forbidden in children’s prickly heat powder. If you misuse adult prickly heat powder for your baby, poisoning will occur. 10. Don’t give your baby jewelry The stratum corneum of the baby’s skin is thin and rich in blood vessels. When their delicate skin comes into contact with these metal ornaments. Not only will they be strongly irritated, but they are also prone to contact dermatitis. Although ornaments are beautiful, they may harm the health of children, so it is better to wear them less. American Beauty Website Homepage.

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