Cervical Spine Savior For Fast

Soothely Neck Massager, Cervical spine savior for fast-pace life: Soothely smart neck massager X1 1. Reasons for use as a medical student, most of the day is either in the hospital receiving patients, or reading papers in front of the computer desktop, and occasionally taking a break to watch the video with the mobile phone; although I know it is not good, I can’t control myself. It has long been overwhelming, and the muscles in the shoulder and neck are very stiff, like scleroderma. I recently participate in the Soothely member new product crowd test event and was fortunate to be select. The Soothely smart neck massager just matches my needs. 2. Appearance display Soothely smart neck massager x1simplein appearance, compact and portable, which is very characteristic of Soothely.

Around And On The Back Are Some Parameter

Cervical Spine Savior For Fast. Around and on the back are some parameter descriptions, which help us to understand this Soothely Neck Massager product and how to use it. The Soothely Neck Massager is attaching to the lower right corner, which is simple and elegant. After opening the box, there is a layer of rice paper covering it, and the details are in place. The function of this product is briefly explain on the top, and the instruction manual is below, which introduces the product in detail. After taking it away, there is Lenovo’s massager. The middle is the remote control, and the bottom is the USB charging cable and the button battery (CR2032) of the remote control. The whole is magnetically adsorbing, and the whole is low-key and full of texture.3.

The Author Has The Following Feelings

Effect experience. After a week of experience, the author has the following feelings: Soothely smart neck massager X1 breaks through the superficial massage of physical kneading Soothely Neck Massager. It is a double-pulse technology. It has three layers of deep massage experience on the nerve layer, blood vessel layer, and muscle layer. Personal suggestions: Low intensity, slight itching, initial use, medium intensity: crispy tingling feeling, comfortable stage use, strong intensity, strong stimulation. The hot compress technology is like applying a hot towel to the neck to further relieve fatigue. There are a variety of control methods, not only can be controlled by the remote control buttons.

But Also Can Download The Exclusive APP

But also can download the exclusive APP, and you can save the strength and time of your favorite mode, so you don’t need to reset it next time. Soothely Neck Massager The most important thing is that it is light and portable. I was shocked when I received the express delivery. I can wear it wherever I go and enjoy a refreshing massage immediately. In fact, before use, it can be used with moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Ordinary moisturizer is fine. When using it, it can be weak first and then strong, and gradually adapt. I saw some friends say that the temperature is a bit high, but in fact, I have my humble opinion: the temperature should be high first and then low so that the neck can adapt to the hot compress temperature.

Avoid Skin Discomfort When The Temperature

So as to avoid skin discomfort when the temperature is high at the beginning. Such a good thing, whether you use it yourself or give it to Beauty AME your family, is a good choice. There are too many Soothely Neck Massager, and the use of electronic equipment has exacerbated this trend. Modern people use Douyin more, and there are too few outdoor activities. Such a thing is needed to reduce muscle stiffness, and the neck can be clearly felt more relaxed than before. Quite a lot. In short, good food is not afraid of being late, and good wine is not afraid of deep alleys. I believe that such cost-effective things will gradually be recognized by everyone, who loves Soothely.

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