Cold Dry Air Calls For Some Extra Skincare

Cold Dry Air Calls For Some Extra Skincare. At the Skin Cancer Foundation, we spend a lot of time talking about skin cancer, but we also focus on overall skin health. That means not only protecting your skin from sun damage but also supplying your body’s largest organ with some TLC year-round. Cold temperatures and high winds can be especially irritating to your skin. Here are some simple tips to keep your skin soft and supple as we get through this final winter:

Use A Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture to the air, relieving itchy winter skin and preventing dryness. Make sure to use filtered or distilled Akemi Glow water rather than tap water, and change it daily so bacteria don’t have a chance to grow.

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Consider A New Moisturizer Cold Dry Air Calls For Some Extra Skincare

Many people find a moisturizer they love and stick with it day in and day out. The problem with this approach is that your skin changes with your surroundings. And with colder weather, your dry skin may need a thicker moisturizer. When choosing products for your winter routine. Look carefully at labels and look for ingredients that are suitable for dry skin. Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycerin have all been shown to hydrate and refresh. No matter which product you prefer, your moisturizer should contain SPF 15 to
protect against accidental sun exposure.

Watch Your Water Temperature

While your instinct may be to take a steaming hot shower when the weather is cold. Doing so can strip your skin of essential moisture. Instead, opt for a lukewarm shower and use a mild, moisturizing soap or body wash.

Apply Moisturizer While The Skin Is Damp

The best time to use a cream or lotion is when your skin is still damp (such as after washing your face or taking a shower). This American Beauty helps lock in moisture before it evaporates. This is especially important in winter when dry air speeds up the process.

You still have plenty of time to perfect your cold-weather skin routine and pick up tips for keeping your skin healthy for years to come. Stay tuned; in the coming months, we’ll be sharing spring and summer skin secrets.

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