Consumers With Curly Hair Express

Consumers with curly hair spend a lot of time and money buying a variety of products to create and maintain a certain style of CBD Oil for hair and body. They need daily oils or leave-in conditioners to moisturize their hair. Creams and gels to style curls and sprays to help detangle tangles. In its 2021 african american consumer report, Nielsen noted that black consumers spent Dollar 573.6 million on. Outpacing the overall market by nearly 19 percent, in search of products that work perfectly. This is the third and final blog post in a series on how Lubrizol Beauty tackles diversity in the beauty industry. In this article, we will focus on the needs of consumers with curly hair and present some findings from a recent survey.

The Lubrizol Consumer and Market Insights Team

The Lubrizol Consumer and Market Insights team, in partnership with foreseeā„¢ labs, recently used our flexible video testing platform to speak CBD Oil with 30 consumers across the Unite States who have wavy, spiral, or curly hair. They were ask if they would be willing to speak with the conditioner. Formulator and make specific requests that would help the formulator develop a product that would meet their needs. The reply shows that regardless of CBD Oil of body hair texture, or need for protection. All participants identify hydration as their biggest struggle and unmet need by far. Participants with naturally wavy or spiral curls were looking for a product that would give their curls more style by addressing frizz. Dryness, as well as hair loss and dandruff.

Participants with naturally curly hair wanted healthy hair growth and added

Participants with naturally curly hair want healthy. Hair growth and add moisture and softness to their wish list of product attributes. Participants with hairstyles such as wigs. CBD Oil body and extensions who need protection want to find products that could help prevent hair breakage and shrinkage. Accelerate hair growth and support the scalp by combating dryness, itching, and dandruff issues. All participants were looking for products made with natural ingredients such as argon oil, honey, peppermint, lavender, apple cider vinegar, coconut, eucalyptus, black castor oil, and avocado.

Ultra Conditioning Shampoo’s Unique Formula Gently Cleanses

As a result, curly hair consumers often need to try a combination of products, a costly, frustrating, and haphazard process. In Beauty AME orders to provide a direct solution to an unmet consumer need. Lets beauty develops ultra-CBD Oil, a simple one-step program that makes hair and body manageable. Ultra CBD Oil’s unique formula gently cleanses. Moisturizes smoothes and softens hair for manageable, long-lasting hold. Its efficacy has been tested and proven on all hair types and on natural or chemically treated bleached, straightened, or loosened hair. To learn more about the curly hair solutions Lls beauty offers, including our ultra-CBD Oil, and how we embrace diversity.

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