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Do Not Use Ice Mask After Fever | American Beauty

Do Not Use Ice Mask After Fever

Do Not Use an Ice Mask After a Fever. Recently, many patients who went to the dermatology department had the same feeling: the skin deteriorate after the “yang passe”. This is due to the loss of moisture on the face after the patient has a fever, and the skin is dry and desquamate due to a lack of timely skin care. Dermatologists suggest that patients who can take care of themselves are best able to perform normal facial cleansing and moisturizing care, but do not use alkaline soap-base facial cleansing and skin care products. On the bedside, you can put facial moisturizing mist and skin care milk, and take it with you to help the skin maintain a moisturize state.

The Mask In The Refrigerator Do Not Use Ice Mask After Fever

What needs to be reminde is that some patients put the mask in the refrigerator and use it after they have a fever, thinking Soothely Neck Massager that can cool down and replenish water, which is wrong. When you have a high fever, it is not recommende to apply a mask. Because the water on the mask evaporates quickly and the cooling effect is minimal. Moreover, the face is prone to edema when you have a fever, and applying a mask will increase the hydration of the skin and aggravate the edema. If you want to physically cool down, putting a cooling patch on your forehead is far more effective than an “icing mask”.

Applying Moisturizer

In addition, some patients have chappe lips and bleeding, a red nose, and pain after the infection. Don’t worry about it, they will heal soon. For patients with chappe and bleeding lips, it is recommende to increase the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, and water. Use lip balms containing petroleum jelly, vitamin E, and other ingredients appropriately. As for the redness and pain of the nose, it is mostly cause by frequent wiping of the nose. Which can usually be relieve by applying moisturizer.

Previous Skin Diseases

Finally, the dermatologist reminds everyone that if there is an aggravation of previous skin diseases or a new rash after the American Beauty infection. It is recommende to see a doctor in the dermatology department of the hospital for professional treatment. (Zhou Xing, Dermatologist, Beijing Sixth Hospital).

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