Effectively Relieves Stiffness And Spasm Relaxes

NeckMassager Ecom Effectively relieves stiffness and spasm relaxation. It dilates capillaries, accelerates blood circulation, and effectively relieves stiffness and spasm. Relaxes muscles, and can also dispel cold and dampness and detoxify. Combine with physical massage, it can better dredge the meridians and relieve cervical pain OMG. This cervical spine massager, 15 minutes a day saves people who bow their heads by it. The SKG cervical spine massager has 15 levels of intensity that can be adjust freely. Which can relieve the corresponding symptoms in a target manner, and no longer have to worry about muscle damage due to excessive massage force. It can be adjust at will with the equip remote control the “M” key is use to adjust the mode, and the, and, is use to adjust the intensity.

There Are Three Modes For You to Choose From Automatic Soothing

There are three modes for you to choose from, Automatic, Soothing, and Vitality. OMG, this cervical spine massager, 15 NeckMassager Ecom minutes a day, saves people who bow their heads! buy it Automatic mode (applicable to daily neck care): relieve muscle tension, fatigue, and pain, improve metabolism, promote exudate absorption, and improve muscle tissue inflammation and edema. NeckMassager Ecom Soothing mode (applicable to stiff neck and neck injury): relieve muscle tension and spasm, calm and soothe nerve or muscle tissue, relieve and repair acute muscle fiber injury, and relieve pain symptoms Vitality mode for chronic cervical strain. Pain relief, improve blood circulation, excites neuromuscular tissue, and enhances muscle strength and function.

Do It For 15 Minutes At a Time The Blood Circulates

OMG, this cervical spine massager 15 minutes a day, saves people who bow their heads by it. Do it for 15 minutes at a time, and the blood BeautyAME circulates. The stiff muscles are relieve, and the whole body is relaxe Smart power off after 15 minutes. If you feel that you are not enjoying yourself enough. You can add more clocks at will without adding money OMG, NeckMassager Ecom Ecom massager, 15 minutes a day. Saves people who bow their heads by its innovative design gives you a different massage. The SKG cervical spine massager only weighs 150g. The outside of the fuselage uses ivory white as the main color on a large area, embedd with silver mirror metal. At first glance, I thought it was an earphone hanging around my neck. There is no shame in wearing it even when I go out.

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