Electronic Beauty Instrument Evaluation Language

Electronic Beauty Instrument Evaluation Language. Electronic beauty instrument evaluation language 260 words 1. I bought 3 pieces at a time, a skin rejuvenation instrument, a child face machine, and an eye beauty pencil. It has been 4 days, I have to use it for 3 days, and shop for one day in the middle. The most intuitive feeling is that the makeup on the second day after use is very natural and does not take off. I have combination skin, and it is easy to make up before. Skin rejuvenation instrument I have use the cleansing effect a few times without any special feeling.  The beauty eye pencil is basically useless because the skin rejuvenation device has a heating function.

The Skin Will Look Healthy

So I was lazy and didn’t use the eye beauty pencil. I use the first gear of the child face machine, but after using it a few Brilliance Sf Serum times, it doesn’t feel as strong as the first time Currently. I have rhubarb skin, and I didn’t expect to use these to make it whiter, I just hope that the skin will look healthy, transparent, and firm in the future, work hard and look forward to the effect! Will definitely follow up in the future! Thank you for the gifts from the store: two masks, one gel, one hair band, and one moisturizing mist! 2. Recently, I saw a lot of beautiful instruments from Amway Notime on Xiaohongshu. I feel that the price/performance ratio is quite high, so I pulle the weeds in one go! Thank you Beauty Consultant Mango for your guidance! was stunne after using it.

Brilliance SF Skincare9

The Skin Is Smooth And Tender Electronic Beauty Instrument Evaluation Language

There are so many dirty things on my face?! The yellow in the first picture is the liquid foundation I use. This is the effect of removing it three times. Don’t be too hard. There will be a slight electric current during use. It is very comfortable and can be use on sensitive skin. (Because I am) The one below is for my boyfriend’s face and neck (the dust and dirt on the outside clog the pores, it is difficult to remove it with ordinary hands, and I still have to cooperate with the instrument. I don’t know why after the removal. I starte to dislike him a little bit inexplicably) After cleansing the face, match it with a Kelaisi bamboo charcoal mask. The essence of the mask can be absorbe almost in 10 minutes, so happy to turn it around 3. It’s so big, so good. After using it, it’s really good. After using it, the skin is smooth and tender.

Used As A Skincare Supplement

The seller’s service attitude is very good 4. The machine is very good! The mask is also ok, but not moisturizing enough, it can only be use as a skin care supplement! However, I agree to give myself a mini, and I have been waiting for almost a year! I didn’t receive it either! 5. Well package: wow! Blackhead suction is really good, non-irritating, and effective. I have always want to buy something that removes blackheads. It costs more than a hundre to make small bubbles outside. It is too cheap to have this artifact! Now that air pollution is so serious, facial cleansing twice a week is indispensable, insist on being a delicate little fairy. 6. The operation is simple, it is warm and comfortable to use, and it feels good after using it a few times. Electronic Beauty Instrument Evaluation Language.

After Removing The Makeup

Colleagues say that the face is shinier than before 7. Change a color, the cleansing gear can indee clear out the dirty things, and the cotton pad will indee be dirty after using it up. When making a mask with light-text rejuvenation, the mask absorbs very quickly. After washing the face after making the mask It feels very tender and smooth. Skincare is a long-term process, and it has to be done slowly. 8. It’s good. After removing the makeup, use the instrument to clean it once. The cleaning is very clean, and there will be no makeup residue. It is also very comfortable to use when applying the mask. It feels like it has been absorbe. The outer packaging box is tall. The box is small and exquisite in white color.

A Beauty Instrument That Has Been Planted

I like it very much! 9. I trie it when I got home last night, and it was perfect, but the cleaning and exporting are not very good for me personally, maybe I don’t wear makeup at ordinary times, but the heat conduction is very good. When I make a mask, the absorption is better, and there is green, Orange light, it is very good to use when applying lotion, the main price is very affordable, and it is the first massager in my life 10. A beauty instrument that has been plante by a friend for a long time decisively won. The main reason is that it only takes a few minutes every day to be beautiful. Compare with functionality, I think persistence is the most important thing. Small and easy to carry, it can also be use together with a mask at ordinary times.

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