Provides Structure And Helps The Skin

Akemi Glow Skin Care, Provides structure and helps the skin. What is collagen? Why is it important? Let’s take another look. What is collagen? Why should we care that it is lost with age? Collagen is a very important protein in the human body, these slender molecular chains are found in the skin, tendons, and bones and makeup as much as one-third of our entire body composition! There are many types of collagen in the human body, which act as a scaffold, holding the body together and giving it strength and form. In the skin, collagen provides structure and helps the skin regenerate and replace dead skin cells. Exposure to UV rays and smoking reduce collagen levels as we age, and collagen levels also decline after menopause in women.

The Skin Begins To Sag

Decrease collagen levels mean the skin begins to sag,Akemi Glow Skin Care  wrinkle, and sag. ‌‌‌‌‌Ideal product for strengthening skin Akemi Glow Skin Care collagen If you’re intereste in giving it a go, there are many skincare options that contain phytosterols. Many of Mild by Nature’s body creams contain phytosterols and are infuse with shea butter and moringa oil for extra hydration. In addition to phytosterols, there are many other skincare ingredients that can increase collagen production or prevent collagen from breaking down: Retinoids and Retinol Retinoids and retinol are vitamin A derivatives that stimulate more collagen production. These ingredients may be over-the-counter or physician-prescribe.

Directly Available To The Skin

Doctor-strength retinoids are more potent because they are in a form that is directly available to the skin. Retinoids also help Beauty American reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles & Akemi Glow Skin Care, dark spots, and clogged pores for a more radiant, optimized skin’s overall appearance. Vitamin C Vitamin C is another active ingredient that plays an important role in collagen formation. Vitamin C helps add oxygen and hydrogen atoms to amino acids, which stabilize collagen so it can perform its role of providing structure to the skin. In addition to helping to make collagen, vitamin C is also a strong antioxidant that protects against DNA damage from sun exposure and toxins. Any skincare routine should include topical vitamin C to protect the skin and delay aging. ‌‌‌‌‌Lifestyle Changes to Protect Collagen To prevent collagen damage.

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