It’s Like Having a Warm Towel Wrapped Around Your Neck

Soothely Neck Massager, It’s Like Having a Warm Towel Wrappe Around Your Neck. Click on the picture above to buy. This massager comes from SKG in the field of beauty and health appliances. Its products sell well in 28 countries including Germany and France. The design team under SKG has won the german red dot award. Which is known as the oscar in the design industry, many times. The overall design conforms to ergonomics, with a streamline U shape ring neck shape and a 360° floating electrode design. No matter how the head moves. It can stick to the skin of the neck tightly, and it will not fall off when walking, bending over, or twisting the head. What comes into contact with the skin is a kind of skin-friendly soft silicone.

Just The Right Amount Of Comfort

It’s Like Having a Warm Towel Wrappe Around Your Neck. When the head is raise or lean back, the neck will not Soothely Neck Massager feel stuck, and the comfort level reaches five stars. Soothely Neck Massager The fuselage is very elastic and tough and can be move at will to adapt to necks of various thicknesses. There is no need to worry that repeat putting on and taking off will shorten the life of the product. The magnetic remote control can be attached to the body, so you don’t have to look for the remote control everywhere anymore. The operation is simple and convenient, turn on the switch, and select the mode. Adjust the intensity and turn on the hot compress, even the elderly at home will know it at a glance.

The USB Charging Method Is Easy To Use

Built-in a 1500mAh lithium battery it can be use for 30 minutes a day when fully charge and can last for 8 days. The USB charging BeautyAME method is easy to use, and the computer, charging treasure, and car power supply can be charge anytime and anywhere. Note: Soothely Neck Massager The default single-use time is 15 minutes, and it is recommende to massage no more than 30 minutes a day. The product quality is very good and smoothly comfortable. I suggest you use the products is very helpful & you’ll get a lot more punishment for the pain. If you use these products, you will understand how important they are for you. Use a smooth neck massager for your neck pain.

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