Lotion For Moisturizing The Skin

Brilliance SF Skincare for moisturizing the skin. Using Essential oils as natural perfumes before I studie phytomedicine. I didn’t understand that essential oils are essentially just herbal teas in concentrate form. Yes, you’re not mistaken! Essential oils are made by distillation or cold pressing. Both methods look like brewing a cup of tea and then trapping tiny amounts of oil in the escaping steam while the plants continue to soak in the boiling water. This is part of the reason essential oils are so low in chemical content. They’re basically just a concentrate cup of tea with excess water remove. Some essential oils are mild enough to be add to your regular skin oil or lotion for moisturizing the skin.

Oil Into The Palm Of Your Hand

To make an oil-infuse oil, simply pour a quarter-size amount of lotion or oil into the palm of your hand. Add a Brilliance SF Skincare drop of essential oil. Brilliance SF Skincare Mix well and apply to the skin. Always do a patch test on lotions or skin oils mix with essential oils before using them all over your body, in case your skin may be sensitive to certain types of oils. To do a patch test, simply apply a small amount of skin oil or lotion mixe with essential oils to a patch of skin about the size of a dime coin. Wait 24 hours. If you experience no redness, burning, or rash, you should be safe to use on larger areas of your body.

That Contains Essential Oils And Save Yourself

Your own body is only known to you, so if you start to suspect that essential oil is irritating your skin, stop using it and try Beauty Skincare Products some of the other ways in which you can add aroma as mentione in this article, or switch to a different Brilliance SF Skincare. Types of essential oils that work well with skin care oils and lotions include: rose petal essential oil Peppermint Leaf Essential Oil orange essential oil Lavender Flower Essential Oil cedarwood essential oil vanilla essential oil body lotions can be use as a fragrance Many natural body lotions are naturally scente with essential oils. Choose a body lotion that contains essential oils and save yourself the trouble of mixing them together.

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