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Neck Massager Its Impact | Beauty AME

Neck Massager And Its Impact On The Human Body

NeckMassager Ecom, The low-frequency pulse current generation of intelligent neck massagers and its impact on the human body. Sandwich development community favorite 6 Category column: Smart Neck Massager Article tags: low-frequency pulse current effects on the human body copyright Smart Neck Massager. The column includes this content 9 articles15 subscriptions subscribe column definition of low-frequency pulse current In medicine. Pulse current with a frequency below 1000Hz is call low-frequency current or low-frequency pulse current. Characteristics of low frequency current 1. Both are low-frequency and small currents, and the electrolysis is weaker than the direct current, and some currents have no obvious electrolysis.

They Have Strong Stimulation Effects 

They have strong stimulation effects on sensory nerves and motor nerves; 3. Changes in current intensity or voltage NeckMassager Ecom rise and fall; 4. No obvious thermal effect. NeckMassager Ecom, Classification of low-frequency current 1. According to the waveform: triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, sine wave, ladder wave, exponential curve wave, etc. 2. The presence or absence of modulation: is divide into two types: modulation type and non-modulation type 3. The current direction: is divide into unidirectional and Two -the way one- way pulse currents: the time of a one-way pulse current is short, but the direction of the current remains unchanged, so it has an electrolysis effect. Physiological and therapeutic effects of low-frequency pulse current: 1. Excite muscle and nerve tissue 2. Promote local blood circulation 3. Analgesia 4. Calm the central nervous system, etc.

The Principle Of Intelligent Neck Massager

The principle of intelligent neck massager. The principle of the neck massager is that the electrode sheet contacts the skin, and the Beauty AME massage effect is achieve through the electric frequency pulse. Through the low-frequency therapy principle of TENS pulse current, the pulse current of low frequency is use to act on nerves or muscles, etc., so as to promote local circulation, improve muscle state, and relieve acute and chronic diseases. pain. Problems Whether there will be leakage: NeckMassager Ecom Pulse massage uses low-frequency current to act on the electrodes to stimulate the muscles and nerves, so that the muscles start to contract, so as to achieve the purpose of muscle relaxation.

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