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Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful | American Beauty

Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful

Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful. This year’s Spring Festival, Ms. Yan finally returned to her hometown in Shanxi, where she hadn’t been back for three years. Before departure, Ms. Yan also went to the hospital for picosecond laser surgery. After careful care after the operation, her entire face looked bright, white, and even. Ms. Yan went home to celebrate the New Year in a beautiful mood. Returning to her long-lost hometown, looking at the white snow, Ms. Yan excitedly took her children to build snowmen and go skiing, having a great time. But within a few days of going to work after the holiday, Ms. Yan found that her original pigmentation had returned, and some parts were even getting worse. She was so frightened that she was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Do Not Underestimate Postoperative Protection Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful

Yu Xiaoyun, the deputy chief physician of the Dermatology Department of Nanjing Second Hospital. Believed that the Soothely Neck Massager deepening of the pigmentation on Ms. Yan’s face was a typical phenomenon of post-inflammatory pigmentation caused by lack of protection after laser treatment. Then why pigmentation may appear after facial laser treatment without proper protection? This is because, after laser treatment, the skin will be in the repairing period of redness, swelling, and inflammation. At this time, the melanin in the skin is also relatively active. If the protection is not done well, the strong light stimulation will make the melanin activity continue to increase. Which will lead to the skin turning black and mild. Then the spots will gradually appear, and the color will be darker than before the treatment. So you must pay attention to skin care after picosecond laser treatment.

Soft & Clean Skin

Three Or Two Measures To Prevent Anti-Criminal

So how can we avoid anti-blackness after picosecond laser treatment? The first is to do a good job of skin repair, the most important thing is moisturizing. After laser treatment, the skin may be dry and damaged. Using moisturizing skin care products, especially safe and non-irritating medical moisturizing creams, repair essence, mask, etc., can increase skin The water and temperature are conducive to the rapid repair of the skin. The second is to avoid irritating the skin. The most important thing is to do a good job of sun protection. Although the sun is not as strong in winter as in summer, the ultraviolet rays on sunny days are also very strong. Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful.

The Lack Of Protection

It is just because it is not as hot as in summer, so it is easy to be ignored, especially in the snow. The reflection is very strong, and finally, because of the lack of protection, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin will even exceed summer. At the same time, you should avoid using irritating chemicals within one week after laser treatment. It is recommended to wash your face with water, without facial cleanser, and try not to makeup. Again, other medical and aesthetic projects will be suspended in the short term.

Without Facial Cleanser

Try to avoid contact with other medical and aesthetic items within one month after laser treatment, so as not to damage the self-healing of the skin. Finally, patients who pursue the effect of laser freckle treatment, especially those with chloasma, they can consider taking minocycline orally under the guidance of doctors, which is beneficial to control pigment activity and reduce anti-darkness. Don’t worry if there is anti-darkness. First of all, continue to do sun protection, avoid makeup, and try not to touch irritating chemicals. You can use moisturizing and repairing medical moisturizer or essence on the face to promote inflammation.

Cream To Promote Melanin Metabolism

It subsides within a week. If the anti-melanin persists and cannot subside, you can consider oral vitamin C, minocycline, and American Beauty topical hydroquinone cream to promote melanin metabolism. Most anti-Melania will subside within 3-6 months, and very few people May last 1 year. If you are in a hurry to restore the pigment, you can also come to the hospital for treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, use low-energy intense pulsed light or picosecond laser treatment to improve.

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