Now The Beauty Columnist Of The Highest

Now the beauty columnist of the highest-selling women’s magazine more. The beauty columnist of sky post, a subsidiary of the economic daily group. Which distributes 500,000 copies a day guest TV program beauty expert, name queen of beauty columns In 2011, he wrote the book secrets of beautiful skin and slimming, and the second edition was sold out quickly. Popular well-known Blogger, familiar with beauty, fashion and food fields. Many beauty brands invite cooperative advertising endorsements and guest speakers Start a personal blog in 2010, and accumulate more than two million views in two years the author of the medical aesthetic instrument book more vip Blog, and hong kong beauty columnist. Now The Beauty Columnist Of The Highest.

Table Of Contents Chapter I Ten Must

Hot pepper facial designate by hollywood superstar. Table of contents chapter i ten must-dos in life 04 1.1 extremely shocking Unbuttoned Beauty Skin Care radio wave lift Dream Treatment 06 1.2. The authoritative debut of exilis skin tightening machine 11 1.3. Enjoy the ultra-comb and lose tendon surgery 15 1.4. Xeon freckle medical beauty report 18 1.5. Extremely effective and thorough Freckle removal and printing method 23 1.6. Japanese and Korean topic king lazy exercise self-cultivation weapon 26 1.7. Three treasures are necessary for middle-aged women to develop again 30 1.8. Legend of immortality Victory 36 1.9. Safe and preservative-free mask 39 1.10. Sichuan secret of quick-acting weight loss method Acupuncture and cupping to lose weight 43. Chapter 2 forever young beauty treatment 48 2.1. My hairdressing experience 50 2.2 comparable to Botox, ironing wrinkles and slimming facial 55 2.3.

Hot Pepper Facial Designate By Hollywood Superstar

Hot pepper facial designate by hollywood superstar 59 2.4. Electric seal to shrink pores and remove lines and eye bags 62 2.5 3. Analysis Beauty AME of pore types 65 chapter 3 best pick beauty products 68 3.1. Two-millennium minerals magic grade deep cleansing 70 3.2. Anti-gravity high definition upstart foundation 73 3.3. Concealer with photoshop effect 78 3.4. Cinderella Pre-makeup magic Universal water 81 3.5 Intimate beauty method 84 3.6.Dermatologist praise the award-winning sunscreen king 88 3.7 Super miraculous enhancement of breast line Shaper 91 3.8. Recycling ten times of praise gold leaf mask 94 3.9. Slimming and bodybuilding weapon to drink 97 3.10. The next one to guard the home.

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