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Original Sunscreen | Skin Care Products

Original Sunscreen For Most Of Human

Original sunscreen for most humans. Brilliance SF Skincare But that’s not entirely true. First, the earth’s ozone layer was the original sunscreen for most of human history, but over the past two centuries, it has been reducing due to human activity and environmental damage. Ozone reflects UV rays back into the atmosphere, and the reduction in the ozone layer means more harmful UV rays are reaching the Earth’s surface than ever before. The levels of radiation are so high that you cannot expect natural foods to fully protect you from it. Furthermore, previous humans spent most of the year outdoors. As a result, they are able to slowly and naturally increase the amount of melanin in the skin, which provides natural sun protection in the height of summer.

Skin Health In Particular

Most people spend their days indoors these days, and when they go to the beach in summer they haven’t got a tan, so Brilliance SF Skincare lacks the natural protection of melanin. Brilliance SF Skincare That’s why our skin is vulnerable to DNA and RNA damage from UV radiation, and why skin cancers like melanoma are more common in regions that get very little sunlight in autumn, winter, and spring. Now that you’ve learne to think like a scientist when it comes to nutrition and sun exposure, the good news is: When it comes to overall health—and skin health in particular—we know that certain types of antioxidants can help.

Skin Creams Have Shown Slight

Use Antioxidant Skin Creams Green tea and skin creams containing EGCg are thought to promote healthy skin by providing Skin Care Products with antioxidants (precursors to collagen production) and moisture to the skin. There is some evidence that applying green tea and EGCg skin cream before sun exposure can help reduce UV damage in a laboratory setting. Brilliance SF Skincare To recreate this benefit in real life, apply a green tea or EGCg face cream at night or in the morning, followed by sunscreen. The extra protection will just make your skin happy, there’s no harm in it! Likewise, vitamin C and vitamin E skin creams have shown slight effectiveness in the lab at helping the skin improve its defenses against sun damage. I checked with iHerb makeup expert Kylie Hawkins on the use of these products.

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