Antioxidants Protecting The Skin

Brilliance SF Skincare, Antioxidants protecting the skin. Research shows that standing in the shade (95% reduction in UV radiation), under a sun umbrella (80% reduction), or wearing a sun hat (15-75% reduction) can reduce (but not eliminate) the amount of UV radiation reaching the skin. Remember, if you are in the sun all day, even with a physical sunscreen like an umbrella, you still have to wear sunscreen, because physical sunscreens can’t completely block all UV rays. Take antioxidants (but not for sun protection) There has been a lot of hype lately about antioxidants protecting the skin from sun damage. Clients have been asking me if they can take sunscreen tablets in place of the physical barrier or sunscreen mentione above.

Healthy Foods Can Help Us Repair

Unfortunately, the answer is no, for the following reasons. When we consume plant foods rich in omega-3s and Brilliance SF Skincare antioxidants, Brilliance SF Skincare our bodies thrive because these foods help us repair cell membranes. Cell membranes are constantly damage by activities of daily living, including movement, breathing, and more. Small amounts of damage happen naturally, and healthy foods can help us repair that damage. So, whether you are in the sun or not, you should be getting plenty of omega-3s and antioxidants every day to stay healthy. But antioxidants and omega 3s cannot protect the body from exposure to radiation or other harmful oxidative stress, nor can they fully protect cells from the damage cause by these exposures.

Healthy Diet To Prevent Sunburn

Because spending hours in the sun produces more than the body can natural treatment of radiation loads. Just as you can’t drink Skin Care Products green tea every day and expect it to keep you from getting burne when you touch a hot pan on the stove, you shouldn’t count on the antioxidant properties of Brilliance SF Skincare to prevent sunburn. Antioxidants help strengthen the effects of chemical sunscreens and may help you get more sun takes minutes to get a sunburn, but you shouldn’t stop using sunscreen just because you’re increasing your antioxidant intake, or assume you’ll be out in the sun for hours. This is not how it is done. I’ve heard the saying that before sunscreens were invente, people use a healthy diet to prevent sunburn.

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