Beauty And Skin Care Knowledge

Beauty And Skin Care Knowledge. Wrong skin care steps, no matter how expensive skin care products are use, it is a waste. This sentence is not alarmist. The correct skin care concept, suitable skin care products, and standard skin care steps are the key factors that determine the quality of the skin. If you want to be beautiful, you can’t be lazy, so what should be the correct skin care sequence? Step 1 cleansing The first step in skin care is of course cleansing. A good cleanser is clean and non-irritating. After washing, the face will not be tight, and the next skincare and makeup will be more docile. In the morning, I usually use an amino acid facial cleanser, which is very cost-effective, quite gentle, and has very rich foam.

The Quality Of The Skin

It can be cleane efficiently in the morning, and it can also massage my face delicately, making me feel happy all day Skincell Advanced long. Step 2 Lotion After cleansing, the oil on the surface of the face is cleane off, and then it is necessary to replenish the water immediately. Remember that when using it, it is best to use a cotton pad to wipe the face from the inside out, from the bottom up, and don’t forget the neck. Step 3 eye cream Many friends around me think that eye cream should be use at night. But they don’t know that eye cream should be use in the morning. Beauty And Skin Care Knowledge.

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The Effect Of Improving Dark Circles Beauty And Skin Care Knowledge

Young girls want to get rid of fine lines and dark circles, get older, get rid of puffiness and fight age, all of which start with eye care. Most eye creams now have the effect of improving dark circles and smoothing fine lines, and the effect can only be seen if you keep using it. In addition to these two points, I also recommend that you choose an eye cream with plant ingredients. The skin around the eyes is softer, the plant ingredients are less irritating, and it can be better absorbe by gentle massage. Step 4 Essence Essence is to extract and concentrate the high nutrients neede by the skin. Essence is already one of our essential skin care products now. Beauty And Skin Care Knowledge.

The Previous Hydration But Also Maintain Moisturizing

Appropriate essence is non-greasy and easy to absorb after application, and it is non-irritating and can keep the face refresh. Now some products have add the function of whitening and anti-aging, but you still have to try a lot to find the product that suits you. Step 5 Lotion Finally, when it comes to lotion, many skin care products come in a set of water and lotion. It is easier to buy a set, but it is often embarrassing to run out of water and still have half a bottle of lotion. If this happens, it is very likely that the lotion you choose is relatively oily, and you unconsciously reduce the amount of lotion use when you put on makeup. In fact, it is not greasy, and the easily absorbe lotion can not only lock in the previous hydration but also maintain moisturizing.

We Should Use Different Creams According

You need to try a lot to choose the one that suits you. Step 6 face cream Many girls may use a bottle of cream to the end. In fact, we should use different creams according to the seasons, because the skin is in a different state in each season. Dry skin in winter is suitable for moisturizing creams, and the weather is getting hotter recently. It is greasy, mild, and light in texture so that our skin can breathe freely in summer, which is the most important thing. After making face cream, the skin care steps are almost over. Do you remember Step7 sunscreen/spray Of course, there is another point that is most easily overlook. No matter what season, whether there is sun or not, ultraviolet rays always exist.

The Correct Skin Care Sequence

As long as there are ultraviolet rays, you must protect yourself from the sun protection. Outdoor workers are often expose to ultraviolet radiation, the degree of skin aging is obvious, and it is not easy to recover. So don’t take sunscreen seriously, otherwise, the expensive whitening and anti-aging essence will be waste. If you don’t like the texture of sunscreen, you can also choose sunscreen spray when the ultraviolet rays are not so strong or in a climate. In short, sunscreen is essential. The correct skin care sequence is like this. After you are proficient, it only takes a short time to complete it every morning. Water first and then milk is more refreshing and easy to absorb than milk first and water.

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