Skincare Non Surgical Treatment

Skincare Non-Surgical Treatment. If the skin is not maintained daily, it may age faster than imagined. In the current era, the skin care industry has grown from strength to strength. Product advertising has become increasingly widespread. In order to help customers make the right decisions and minimize their product usage costs. Customers need to fully understand and know about the products they use. Therefore, I have divided my skincare products into five categories.

Skin Cleansers

Skin Cleansers: These products are mainly used to keep the skin hygienic and clean. Clean skin allows other cosmetics Soothely Neck Massager to absorb more easily. There are a bewildering number of skin cleansers on the market, however. The most important property in choosing a skin cleanser is its pH. Normal skin is weakly acidic, and a cleanser with a pH of 5-5.7 is ideal for normal skin.

Normal Skin Skincare Non-Surgical Treatment

Moisturizer: Normal skin should contain more than 30% moisture. When properly hydrated, the skin will feel smooth and supple. Irritations such as dryness and flakiness will be avoided. Occlusive agents: Such as petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin, and lecithin will form a temporary barrier layer to lock in skin moisture.
Humectants: such as honey, glycerin, and gelatin, can form a temporary water-absorbing layer to delay the loss of moisture from the skin.

Protect Our Skin Cells From UV Damage

Hydrophilic substrates, such as colloidal oatmeal membranes and hyaluronic acid, create a physical barrier to prevent moisture loss. Sunscreens: These products can help protect our skin cells from UV damage.
Sunscreen: The wavelength range of visible light is 400-800nm. Ultraviolet rays have a wavelength of 10-400nm, and when we are exposed to excess UV rays. They can cause redness, tanning, and photoaging of our skin. In addition, the market is filled with sunscreen products from a large number of different manufacturers; however. When choosing one of these, look for its Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

Photoaging Of Our Skin

The SPF of a product refers to the multiple of the amount of time that a person who uses the product will experience sunburn from sun exposure relative to a person who does not use the product. For example, if a person develops sunburn after 15 minutes of exposure to UV rays, and after using sunscreen with an SPF of 30, the person can last 450 minutes under the same level of sunlight. A sunscreen with an SPF of 15-30 is sufficient. Exfoliants, the generic term for AHAs: These products are used to induce exfoliation of the skin’s surface, resulting in smoother skin.

Resulting In Smoother Skin

Most commercially available products have an acidic concentration of less than 20%, and it is safe to use them every American Beauty 4-6 weeks. Skin Serums: There are many of these products in the store, all claiming to have absolute benefits for the skin, and the prices vary widely. However, only a few can submit medical and clinical evidence to support other effects, and they are vitamin A, vitamins B, C, E, etc.

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