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Sustainable Health And Beauty. In recent years, the streamline skincare trend has hit. Consumers pursue healthy beauty and prefer more natural products to reduce the burden on the skin. Couple with the increasing public awareness of environmental protection, consumers increasingly prefer skin care products that are more environmentally friendly. The beauty and personal care industry is also actively responding to the “Double Carbon” goal. Accelerating the new trend of sustainable living. Innisfree insists on integrating environmental protection into the brand DNA and has set up the “Green Innovation Lab” (Green Innovation Lab) to focus on full-link. Differentiate functional properties including functional raw materials, mild formulas, and sustainable packaging. Exploration, innovation, and research and development of naturalistic products.

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As a well-known retailer of offline and online (O+O) healthcare and beauty products, Watsons continues to promote sustainable Akemi Glow development culture in its daily operations. In order to reduce the impact of products on the environment. Watson’s shop sold rinse-off cosmetics and personal care products containing microplastics2 in 2020. Over the years, Watsons has continue to work closely with suppliers to launch a series of activities to promote sustainable development and encourage. Consumers Participate together and contribute to the protection of the natural environment. This time Innisfree entire Watsons, the two sides took sustainable development as one of the common goals. Bringing consumers more environmentally friendly skin care product choices and a more secure skincare experience.

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Develop For Oily Skin Sustainable Health And Beauty

Among them, Innisfree A white bottle, the main star product, is an essential product develope for oily skin. It adds core raw material 95% pure A-alcohol 3, which can effectively inhibit oil secretion and accelerate keratin renewal; Packe with 4 extracts. It releases the irritation of Alcohol slowly so that sensitive skin can use Alcohol essence with peace of mind in the morning and evening. A white bottle can effectively improve blackheads, close mouth, and even acne problems while helping to refine pores, and finally. Create a refreshing and smooth skin condition for consumers. Since its launch, it has been love and praise by consumers. At the same time, Innisfree has further implement the concept of sustainability in the packaging and production of white bottle A.

Beauty Consultants To Help Consumers

FSC-certifie paper is use; the bottle has no cap but the product is sold, which effectively reduces the use of plastic. The way the viscose is folder reduces the pollution of the viscose to the earth’s environment. In addition to creating more targets and functional skin care products for young consumers. Innisfree this time leverage Watsons’ huge platform advantages and its ability to provide high-quality health and beauty services offline and online to show the product’s efficacy more intuitively in front of consumers. Offline, the shelves of Watson’s stores are displaye together with the advice of professional health and beauty consultants to help consumers directly experience and choose their favorite brand products. Sustainable Health And Beauty.

Personalize Skin Care Solutions

The two parties also plan to launch exclusive beauty classes in stores in the future to provide target guidance for consumers on a series of skin troubles. On the online Watsons Mini Program channel, consumers can add BA Enterprise WeChat to obtain personalize skincare solutions that match the products. Keep abreast of the latest product discount information, and enjoy the service that orders place on the Mini Program can be delivere within 30 minutes. Meet immediate skin care needs. Innisfree and Watsons work together to practice sustainable development and provide consumers with new choices of gentle and effective skincare products. Provide multi-touch superior services and shopping experiences. Hope that more consumers will join the trend of sustainable development and create healthy and beautiful products.

Women With Sensitive Skin

New fashion. 1. “A white bottle” is the nickname of the product, white is only the color of the product container itself, and the product name is Innisfree Retinol Correcting Essence. 2. Refers to water-insoluble solid plastic particles with a maximum particle size of no more than 5 mm. 3. Alcohol refers to the retinol add to the product. 4. Triple plant extract refers to Jeju green bean hyaluronic acid. Triple Centella asiatica extract (triple centella asiatica extract- Asiatic side, madecassic acid, aspartic acid). Jeju green tea ceramide (ceramide NP). 5. The efficacy is base on the third-party test results of 32 women with sensitive skin age 20-39, and the actual effect varies from person to person.

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