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Clean Skin Marking

Water When Applied To The Skin

Water When Applied To The Skin. The main difference between a Japanese lotion and a Western lotion (or what is commonly known as a toner) is. This skin balm is never harsh and has no astringent properties. Many of them…

Lips Care

It Imparts Moisture To Dry Or Chapped Lips

It Imparts Moisture To Dry Or Chappe Lips. Korean style lip balm Korean lip balm is no different from other lip balms you are used to. It imparts moisture to dry or chappe Soothely Neck Massager lips, keeping lips plump…

Soothely Neck Massager 2

Beauty Guide To Knowing Beauty

Beauty Guide To Knowing Beauty. For several years now, Korean beauty also known as K-beauty has been very popular. It looks like Asian skincare is going to be going strong, not because it’s fun and cool, but because it really…

Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care. Medical skin care is a type of care aime at renewing the skin and treating skin problems. Using medical products that are perfectly tailore to the skin’s needs. Those who have undergone medical skin care say their…

Health & Beauty Skin Care (10)

Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful

Neglect Of Nursing Care And Be Careful. This year’s Spring Festival, Ms. Yan finally returned to her hometown in Shanxi, where she hadn’t been back for three years. Before departure, Ms. Yan also went to the hospital for picosecond laser…

Soft skin

A Beauty Store In Vientiane

A beauty store in Vientiane. New Chongqing Client News (Reporter Yu Zhibin) On February 9, the reporter learne from Jiulongpo. District Market Supervision Bureau that the Jiulongpo District Market Supervision Bureau recently seize a cosmetics illegal case in a beauty…

Akemi Glow Skin Care 1

Low pH Skin Care Compositions And Methods

Low pH Skin Care Compositions And Methods. The present invention is entitle”Low pH Skin Care Compositions and Methods of Using Same”. The present invention discloses an effective low-pH skin care composition that provides good sensory properties and has a low…

Skin Foundationss

Skin Care Group Receives

Skin Care Group Receives. Skin Care Group is proud to announce that it has been granted a patent for sun protection and vitamin D-generating composition. Called Solar D Exclusive authorization of technology in China. Solar D has developed and patented…

Health & Beauty Skin Care (3)

Skin Care Technician

Skin Care Technician. The U.S. economy has lost more than 7 million jobs over the past two years. Currently, 10 percent of the U.S. workforce is unemployed. Due to the sluggish economic recovery. It is predicted that the double-digit unemployment…