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The Effect Of Massage Depends | Beauty AME

The Effect Of Massage Depends On The Technique

The Effect Of Massage Depends On The Technique. Soothely Neck Massager But this one from SKG is different. It uses low-frequency electric pulses to massage the neck deeply. Stimulate nerve endings and muscle cells, relax spasms and tight muscles, and effectively and permanently relieve soreness. People who often go to hospitals or massage parlors know that the effect of massage depends on the technique and strength. It can simulate 6 professional techniques of acupuncture, massage, tapping, kneading, scraping, cupping, and 15 levels of strength. With 3 modes, it can meet the needs of different scenarios. Auto mode: Intermittent micro-stimulation, suitable for daily neck care. Soothing mode: Gradual continuous pulse, suitable for stiff neck and neck injuries. Vitality mode: high-frequency drum pulse, suitable for chronic cervical strain. Wearing it, it is like an old Chinese medicine doctor with rich experience in massage.

The Current Stimulation Has a Tingling Feeling & Without Pain

You can choose the most suitable strength according to your own situation. The current stimulation has a tingling feeling, tingling Soothely Neck Massager without pain. Soothely Neck Massager Gadget As long as you use it for 15 minutes, you can feel the relaxing feeling that you can only get in a massage shop for an hour. Cold is also a major cause of neck problems, and the hot compress function of this SKG massager can help relieve neck discomfort caused by cold. It can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and play a role in dispelling cold and dampness. After turning on the hot compress function, it will heat up in 1 second and can maintain a constant temperature of 42°C.

As Long As You use It For 15 Minutes

The temperature will not become lower and have no effect, nor will it be too high to burn the skin. It’s like having a warm towel wrapped BeautyAME around your neck that will never get cold, Soothely Neck Massager Gadget just the right amount of comfort, allowing stiff and cold muscles to relax at once. For first-time use, or if the neck muscles are seriously strained, it is recommended to apply the hot compress for 3-5 minutes. Then start adapting from a small intensity, and gradually increase the intensity, the effect will be better. Use it to massage while reading, watching dramas, or playing mobile phones to relieve neck fatigue and soreness.

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