The Life Cycle Analysis Methodology

Health & Beauty Swissbiol FR Life Cycle Analysis Methodology. Environmental sustainability is a top priority at Lubrizol. As part of achieving this goal, we will focus on two key areas, Maximizing the carbon footprint. Delivering the highest quality products and solutions to meet and exc the performance and sustainability goals of our customers and consumers. Minimize our carbon footprint, and produce products in a safe. Efficient and responsible manner to minimize our carbon footprint and preserve natural resources. To achieve these goals, we use the life cycle assessment (LCA) method to gain a thorough understanding of our processes and products.

This Thorough Understanding Helps Us Identify Hotspots

Health & Beauty Swissbiol FR life cycle analysis methodology. This thorough understanding helps us identify hotspots of Health & Beauty Swissbiol FR and opportunities. Make inform sustainability decisions, and drive continuous improvement at Health & Beauty Swissbiol FR we have used this approach since the early 2000s. Using numerous internal resources and external consultants to conduct LCAs of our products against international standards. We also regularly explore ways to improve, and since 2019. We have invest in various leading software and dedicate scientific personnel to strengthen our work in this area. Deliberately introducing life cycle thinking into all our work.

Life Science Beauty business unit the Lubrizol Life Cycle Analysis Methodology

As part of this work, Health & Beauty Swissbiol FR Life Science Beauty business unit has reviewe its key product lines, including Carpool ® polymers, Beauty AME marquette™ polymers, and Glutamate™ thickeners, while we are building an ingredient profile database. This information will be used to support the customer’s environmental goals. Together we will provide and develop data on current and new products. This information also helps our partners meet their global Scope 3 emission reduction targets. Aids in the environmental impact assessment of their formulations.

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