Skin Care Products Tips For The Perfect Choice

Skin Care Products Tips For The Perfect Choice. At what age should we resort to these lotions? Is it exclusive to women only, or should men think about it too? Will our choice differ according to our skin type? Are under-eye products a necessity or just a promotional ploy? Are there negative effects of using skin care products permanently? It’s time to put aside the opinions of friends and promoters and hear the opinion of specialists… Below, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed provides you with answers to all your questions, to help you make a decision. At what age does the skin need to be taken care of? Skin care products include a wide range of materials, and they have many different indications.

Using Skin Care Products Skin Care Products Tips For The Perfect Choice

But their application is not related to a specific age but is determined according to the need for that, according to what Soothely Neck Massager was explained by dermatologist. In an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Ali confirms that the importance of adhering to skin care increases after menopause in women, because of the effects of the decrease in estrogen on the skin. Signs of aging begin to appear, which increases the need to use moisturizers in particular. Ali advises women of this age to consult a dermatologist regularly. Does men’s skin need the same degree of care as women’s skin? Beauty companies tend to address women during their promotional advertisements, and we rarely see men using skin care products unless there is an apparent problem. About this, Ali says: “Women constantly use cosmetics and makeup.

Face Mask

The Skin And Moisturizing It

Which may cause severe damage to the skin, and requires constant attention to cleaning the skin and moisturizing it. He added, “This does not mean that skincare is limited to women only, but men need the same amount of care and perhaps more. Especially those who are committed to fieldwork all day and are exposed to all air pollutants; dry air, dust, and sun. Which in turn causes skin problems. What are the necessary preparations and what is the best way to apply them? Women use many skin preparations daily, such as lotions, moisturizers, and exfoliators, and most of them lack sufficient information about the extent of their needs and application times.

The Type Of Skin

Ali confirms that choosing the appropriate type of lotion depends on the type of skin, which is determined by the doctor. As for general advice, he adds: “It is important for everyone to persevere in using broad-spectrum sunscreens, to prevent pigmentation and dark spots, and skin moisture must be preserved. Especially For people with dry skin or those who are exposed to many causes of dehydration. Starting with taking a hot bath and not ending with a change in weather. As for the skincare routine, Ali recommends washing the face, starting with a cleanser suitable for the skin type, then applying a daytime moisturizer if staying inside the house.

It With A Night Moisturizer

Sunscreen if going out, and the need to renew it every two hours, and stresses the importance of washing the face and completely cleaning off any trace of makeup at the end. Every day, then moisturize it with a night moisturizer. Are there negative effects of using these products permanently? Ali explains the constant use of cosmetic products and skin care products in general and moisturizers in particular. This may cause the accumulation of oils inside the pores, which leads to their blockage, and thus the infection is called. Acne breakouts. Skin Care Products Tips For The Perfect Choice.

Suitable Moisturizer For Our Skin

He comments It is a form of acne caused by cosmetics. It can appear in any area of ​​the body, but it is more common in the face, neck, and scalp. Its occurrence can be avoided by choosing a suitable moisturizer for our skin. He adds, Therefore, we must stay away from heavy moisturizers that contain a high percentage of oils unless there is a need to use them. Especially for those with oily skin. from home. Skincare (Getty) lifestyle Beauty experts share their skincare secrets. Does the under-eye area need special preparations that are different from the rest of the areas? Cosmetic companies promote their products for the under-eye area.

The Goal Is To Moisturize

We notice that their prices have doubled compared to the products used for the rest of the face, so almost all people refrain from American Beauty from using any product that does not carry its distinctive label. About this, Ali explains. The under-eye area needs special preparations that often contain color-lightening compounds and are rich in vitamin C. Creams that contain strong exfoliants should be avoided because the skin layer is thin in this area. However, there is no need to use special preparations if the goal is to moisturize. Only, regular moisturizers will suffice.

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