The Right Skin Care Method

The Right Skin Care Method. Careful observation of consumers’ skincare steps, the two levels of differentiation are very serious. For many skin care novices, especially some men, one facial cleanser (soap) is all skin care products, and at most one bottle of lotion or cream is added. Many senior beauty lovers will not go out without applying more than ten layers on their faces. So the question is, which is the right skin care method? What skincare steps does the skin need? The main steps of skin care include makeup remover, cleansing, toning, essence, lotion (gel, gel), face cream, sunscreen, isolation, BB cream, make-up, etc. Everyone’s skin condition is different, the living and working environments are very different, the skin care concept is also different, and the skincare steps required are also different.

Various Skin Problems The Right Skin Care Method

That said, there is no consistent skincare routine. However, if you want the skin to maintain a stable state, various skin Soothely Neck Massager problems will not appear prematurely. Basic skin care is a must. Basic care includes cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Zhen Yao made a detailed analysis in the article “Many skin problems, but the basic care is not done well”. It would take many articles to explain every single skincare step. Zhen Yao made a general summary in this article so that every consumer can clearly understand what skin care steps their skin needs. makeup remover Makeup removal belongs to the link of skin cleansing and is the first step in skincare.

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Every Single Skincare Step

Makeup remover can clean some makeup and dirt that cannot be cleared by the facial cleanser. Keep the skin clean, and avoid blackheads, acne, and acne on the skin. Makeup remover products are accompanied by sunscreen and make-up. Sunscreen protects the skin, make-up brings beauty, and make-up remover restores the skin to its natural state. However, cosmetics merchants put too much emphasis on the use of makeup removers for the purpose of selling more products. Many cleansers can be used to clean makeup, but also emphasize the use of makeup remover products. What’s more, they don’t need sunscreen or make-up and tell consumers to remove makeup every day. The Right Skin Care Method.

The Wall Skin Into Sensitive Skin

The skin is over-cleaned, resulting in dry and sensitive skin, turning the wall skin into sensitive skin. If you don’t use sunscreen or makeup, there’s no need to use makeup removers. Even if you use sunscreen and make-up every day, you don’t have to remove your makeup. Some can be cleaned with facial cleanser, some can be cleaned with facial cleanser, and deep cleansing with makeup remover once a week is enough. Of course, for makeup that is difficult to remove, you still need to use makeup remover products. After writing makeup, be sure to do the follow-up moisturizing steps. About makeup removal, Zhen Yao has written many articles. If you are interested, you can find out the past articles and read them.

An Essential Step In Skincare

In short, it is not necessary to remove makeup. Whether to remove makeup should be judged comprehensively according to your own situation. Cleansing has become part of daily life and is an essential step in skincare. It’s just that the nature of the skin is different, and there is a big difference when choosing cleansing products. For oily skin, in the season of strong oil secretion, you can choose cleansing products with deep cleaning effects, such as soap base, SLS, SLES, and other types of facial cleansers. If you are worried about over-cleaning, use a mild amino acid facial cleanser in the morning and cleanse your skin with a soap base at night. The Right Skin Care Method.

Your Skin With A Soap Base At Night

If it is a cold season, the oil secretion has decreased, and the soap-based facial cleanser has too strong a cleaning power, you can use a product compounded with soap base and other mild surfactants, such as amino acid surfactant Plus soap base. For mixed skin, amino acid facial cleansers with stronger cleaning ability can basically meet the needs. If you feel that the cleaning power is not enough, you can choose amino acid plus soap-based facial cleanser. If the cleaning power is too strong, you can choose an amino acid facial cleanser with weaker cleaning power. For normal or dry skin, mild, weak cleansing amino acid facial cleanser can basically meet the needs.

Normal Or Dry Skin

If the skin is extremely dry, the amino acid facial cleanser will dry, you can choose alkyl (APG) cleansing products, or choose a non-foaming facial cleanser without surfactants. For sensitive, fragile, or allergic skin, you can temporarily stop using cleansing products and only wash your face with water. Or wash your face with clean water in the morning, and clean it with a facial cleanser specially designed for sensitive skin at night. Washing your face with clean water is only a phased measure. After your skin stabilizes, you still need to wash your face with cleansing products. There have been many articles written about cleansing. If you are interested, you can find out and read it.

Toning Skin Toner Mainly Includes Lotion

The products have also been analyzed a lot, and there are products of various types and price points. Toning Skin toner mainly includes lotion, toner, softening water, firming water, wake-up water, and astringent water. Different effects, and different names, all belong to the link of skin toning. Regarding the function of toner, Zhen Yao wrote “Toner, toner, softener. so much water, how to choose? There is a detailed analysis in this article. The toning step can lay a solid foundation for the absorption of subsequent products, and it also has some skincare effects. However, consumers should be aware that due to cost constraints, the amount of skincare ingredients added to toners is generally not large, and can only play a simple role in regulating the skin.

Improve The Skin

It is difficult to rely on toners to greatly improve the skin, whether it is whitening, exfoliating Wrinkles, or acne. Relatively American Beauty speaking, toner can play a greater role in moisturizing and oil control. In general, toner only plays a supporting role in the skincare steps. Although it is an auxiliary effect, the step of toning is still necessary. Toning can make the follow-up products spread more evenly and help the follow-up products to be absorbed by the skin more easily. Regarding how to choose a toner, due to the limited space, I will write an article for detailed analysis in the future. Essence, including essence, muscle base, liquid, ampoule, and other products.

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