The Skin Is Prone To Dryness And Dullness

Health & Beauty NVH International, The pores will be easily stretch and become thick, and the oil will accumulate and solidify and become acne. At the same time, the following conditions will also increase the degree of oily pores: I have oily skin. The oily condition is more serious in summer. The skin lacks proper cleansing. Excessive cleansing, thoroughly washes away the natural sebum, causing the trouble of crazy oil. Affect by male hormones, men’s skin is more oily than women’s. 3. The sun is shining brightly: the skin is prone to dryness and dullness. When expos to strong ultraviolet rays if sun protection is not done comprehensively.

The Natural Protective Film Invites Dry Skin

The long-wave UVA in the ultraviolet rays will enter the dermis to form melanin, and spots and dullness will come out to see Health & Beauty NVH International people over time. Rather than pursuing fairness and whitening, more and more girls actually look forward to a natural luster and a good complexion on their faces. The human fish reminds you that a healthy complexion comes from both internal and external maintenance. In addition to adequate sun protection, the skin after sun exposure also needs to be carefully appeas. You may wish to use the recommend natural skin care products. Which are less likely to cause discomfort, and the skin is also smooth. No burden. In addition to facial skin.

Easy To Develop Hydrate And Beautiful Skin

The eye area and neck are also key areas that are prone to skin problems in summer. The skin around the eyes has fewer sebaceous Beauty AME glands, because it is not easy to produce oil and sweat, and without proper moisturizing of oil and water, it is more Health & Beauty NVH International to premature aging and fine lines. The skin on the neck is thinner, and because of fewer sebaceous glands and low oil output, it forms lines that are difficult to recover. 4. Excessive cleaning: destroys the natural protective film and invites dry skin Because oily skin is a major skin problem in summer. Many people especially those with oily skin will increase the frequency of face washing. Such as washing their face in the morning, noon and evening, or choose products with strong oil removal power. dry. If your skin feels a little tight after washing your face.

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