This Skin Needs Constant Attention

This skin needs constant attention. Brilliance SF Skincare the skin is considere one of the most important parts that receive the attention of most people, especially women, and this skin needs constant attention and care in order to obtain clear and pure skin, and the first step in caring for it is knowing its type in order to be able to use special care methods. How to get clear skin There are many types of skin that humans possess, and each of these types needs care in a specific way to obtain clear skin and positive results, and skin types and ways to take care of them: Oily skin This type of skin appears after sexual maturity, as a result of increase hormone secretion.

Obtain Clear And Pure Skin

So this skin appears shiny, some oily spots appear in areas of the face, and pores appear, and this skin has many Brilliance SF Skincare problems such as acne and the appearance of acne, and it is affecte by external conditions such as dust, dirt, and soil, and it is affecte by the psychological state of the person himself because it suffers from imbalance In the ratio of water with the oils it secretes, but it is distinguishe by the delay in the appearance of wrinkles in it. Brilliance SF Skincare how to take care of oily skin Commitment to a daily cleansing of the skin in the morning to get rid of the oils that may accumulate on it due to secretions during the night.

The Skin In The Morning To Get

A special lotion for oily skin should be chosen, and the lotion and scrub should not be use on the same day; Because this leads to Beauty AME secretion of more oils. Brilliance SF Skincare Gently wash the skin and massage it in a circular way, then rinse it with warm water and then rinse it with cold water, and dry it gently. Use a toner after washing your face to close your pores. Use an oil-free moisturizer before applying makeup or any cosmetics. Cleanse the skin of makeup and dirt before going to bed and use a moisturizing cream. dry skin appears cracks and dryness, especially after cleaning it, so it appears tight, and its pores are considere small.

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