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Reflects New Trends In Skin Care | American Beauty

Reflects New Trends In Skin Care

Reflects New Trends In Skin Care. Cosmoprof Asia Asia-Pacific Cosmetology Exhibition, a grand event in the beauty industry. Was held at Singapore Expo Center last week. The international beauty trend forecasting agency summarized five major skincare trends based on this year’s exhibits. Including the concept of “micro-ecological skin care” born due to the epidemic and “slow plastic surgery” at home. The style of skincare, etc. As a grand event in the beauty industry, the three-day Cosmoprof Asia Asia Pacific Cosmetology Exhibition was held at the Singapore Expo Center. Last week attracted more than 1,200 exhibitors from 46 countries and regions. In addition to new product promotion, 14 sharing sessions invited experts to Discuss industry trends. Beautystreams, an international beauty trend forecasting agency, released a trend report called CosmoTrends.

Micro-Ecological Skincare

Which summarized five major trends based on the products on sale this year, which can provide beauty experts with a reference Brilliance SF Skincare for skin care trends in the new season. The upsurge of micro-ecological skin care Micro-ecological skincare star single product Lancome Génifique small black bottle probiotic series. (provided by the organizer and the brand) Under the epidemic situation. Problems such as frequent hand washing and disinfection and “mask muscle” are mostly caused by the imbalance of skin flora. The concept of Microbiome skincare emphasizes maintaining. The pH value of the skin and balancing the proportion of bacteria is ushering in a new wave of explosive growth. It focuses on star ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics and adds plant-based ingredients Wheat enzymes, etc.

Health & Beauty Skin Care (11)

Skincare ingredients are relatively Reflects New Trends In Skin Care

Micro-ecological skin care ingredients are relatively mild and less irritating. So they are favored by many beauty experts. Among the five major trends announced, Beautystreams predicts that the compound annual growth rate of micro-ecological skin care in the next five years will reach 13.7%, which is the strongest growth trend. The existing beauty and skin care matrix includes hydrating, whitening, repairing, anti-aging, etc. In the future, “micro-ecological skin care” may also appear on the shelves as a new category. Slow home skin care Living at home allows people to learn self-sufficiency and self-beauty. Thanks to product innovation and the wide use of beauty instruments. The trend of home beauty has been realized.

Serums Paired With Beauty Instruments

With the increasing popularity of minimally invasive medical aesthetics, people are more inclined to non-invasive minimally invasive techniques, and the effect is more natural. From new dermal fillers and Botox alternatives, to cosmeceutical-grade serums paired with beauty instruments. You can do it yourself at home to give your skin a “slow facelift”. Shiseido’s new Bio-Performance Skin Filler essence combination is inspire by hyaluronic acid injections. Apply night essence at night to allow the skin to absorb high-concentration hyaluronic acid small molecules; Moisturizing and firming. In the design of the new generation of beauty instruments, there are several models inspired by traditional Chinese medicine scraping, acupressure, etc. Reflects New Trends In Skin Care.

The Organizer And The Brand

Combine with LED red and blue lights or cold compress, the effect is double. Cocktail whitening Cocktail-style deployment, belief mix vitamin mask. (provide by the organizer and the brand) Whitening is an evergreen topic in skin care. Unlike the past, which focuses on a single ingredient, the new generation of whitening products presents a “cocktail-style” trend of mixing multiple nutrients. In addition to vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptide ingredients, or a combination of alcohol and oatmeal can also be add. It is advocate to use of active and skin-friendly ingredients to achieve this. The best effect with as little stimulation as possible and to achieve a milder and less abrasive Sexual brightening treatment.

Skincare Guerlain Scalp

Hair care is like skincare Guerlain scalp and hair care honey made with Abeille Royale royal jelly repair formula. (provide by the organizer and the brand) Stress and anxiety in the post-epidemic era have brought about hair loss, and scalp care has been put back on the agenda. If you want to have healthy hair follicles, deep cleansing is only the first step, and hair washing and post-care are becoming more and more refine. “Skinnification” hair care is like skin care, summarizing the hair care trend of the new season. The ingredients that were originally only found in skin care products are now also use in hair care products. Such as moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which is especially suitable for dry and split-end hair. Scalp Repair Essence, Hair Sunscreen, etc.

Skin Care Has Led To The Emergence

Guerlain uses the royal jelly repair technology of the star single product essence in hair care and launches scalp and hair care honey to improve the vitality of the scalp and the strength of the hair. Skin restructuring Eczema, sensitive skin, inflammation, and dry skin problems cause by environmental and air pollution are becoming more and more common. The need to restore skin health and gentle skin care has led to the emergence of many brands on the market that specialize in solutions for problem skin. The group of people concerne about this issue is also wider, and there is a trend of segmentation. Such as anti-allergic products for cancer patients with dry and sensitive skin after chemotherapy.

The Highlight Of This Beautiful Show Is The Focus

Pay attention to pregnant women and mothers, make a cartoon-shape pregnancy mask, and apply it on the stomach to relieve stretch marks. Use cabbage to make a mask and apply it to the breasts to relieve discomfort after breastfeeding. Beauty Circle Layout Metaverse Local virtual model Rae introduces Shiseido Group’s 150th-anniversary special package. (provide by the organizer and the brand) Another highlight of this beautiful show is the focus on the digital development of the industry. At present, major beauty groups have begun to lay out the metaverse.

As The Only Beauty Brand Reflects New Trends In Skin Care

As the only beauty brand, Estee Lauder appears in the MVFW Metaverse Fashion Week earlier and cooperate with the Decentraland platform to launch the NFT version of the night repair essence Little Brown Bottle. Which was given to users for free. L’Oreal invites five female artists to create NFT works for the new lipsticks and cooperate with Meta to launch an entrepreneurial acceleration plan, focusing on mix reality. Avatar creation, and user experience portability Web3 projects. At the symposium on Beauty 4.0, Technology, Tools, and Trends, representatives from the interactive media, and live broadcast industry.

The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry, and sensory science research community explain the transformation process of skin analysis tools and virtual trials. Innovative beauty equipment from different perspectives, and touch on hot topics such as NFT and metaverse. The field that still needs to be clearer and explore is moving from offline to online, and how sensory science can overcome the problem of smell. When the Douyin filter invente by netizens can teach people to make up, and virtual models have begun to be sold. The combination of technology and beauty will definitely be the general trend in the future. Reflects New Trends In Skin Care.

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