Facial Care & Your Skin Care

Facial Care & Your Skin Care. Provided in partnership with swiss perfection All of the following treatments in partnership with Swiss Perfection include a personalized treatment using our anti-aging transdermal system. Which promotes skin regeneration and deeply revitalizes the skin.

Swiss perfection Brightening Treatment

Designed with an innovative approach, this treatment quickly fades the appearance of dark spots, effectively reduces Soothely Neck Massager hyperpigmentation, brightens, evens skin texture, and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Swiss Perfection Revitalizing Hydrating Treatment Facial Care & Your Skin Care

Inspired by modern technology, this special treatment helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prevents moisture loss. Corrects the appearance of uneven skin texture, leaving skin smooth and radiant.

Swiss Perfection Firming Treatment

This exclusive facial works on multiple dimensions to help reduce the signs of aging, lift, and firm the skin, while combining innovative revitalizing treatments to reshape facial contours and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Sodashi Advanced Personalized Facial

Suitable for all skin types, this treatment will leave you deeply relaxed. Lemon, a key ingredient in all the products used in this treatment, promotes the skin’s natural exfoliation, while a nourishing mask purifies and hydrates the skin.

Sodashi Skin Karma Men’s Facial

Specifically designed for men’s skin, this treatment begins with a relaxing crystal salt back massage to relieve stress and reduce physical and mental tension. Natural ingredients in Sodashi products reduce skin sensitivity, while a facial massage firms muscles for a refreshed, radiant complexion.

Sodashi Warm Infusion Facial

Sodashi’s exclusive heat-inducing mask effectively replenishes natural vitamins and minerals, allowing essential nutrients to penetrate the skin as much as possible. Tailored to your skin concerns, this luxurious facial purifies, then deep cleanses or nourishes to leave skin hydrated, firm, elastic, and revitalized. It’s not just a facial, it’s natural firming magic.

Espa Luxury Facial

Specifically formulated for mature, dry, or dehydrated skin, it focuses on restoring skin’s natural hydration, especially targeting the delicate eye area, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving skin revitalized, plumped, and looking naturally healthy feel.


Combining deep cleansing with a back massage, this treatment is complemented by a holistic facial and can be tailored to American Beauty to your skin’s condition and needs. Oriental head massage can calm the mind and relieve tension.

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