How To Beauty And Skin Care

How To Beauty And Skin Care. There are pigment spots on the skin, and the skin is not as fair as before. Use a rice whitening facial cleanser to cleanse the skin every morning and evening. Then spray the rice whitening new life moisturizing water rich in rice extract on the cotton pad, and pat it on the skin gently. After the water is completely absorbed, use rice whitening moisturizing cream, focusing on applying a little more on the spots. After a few weeks of persistence, you will find that not only the spots have faded a lot. But the skin has also become whiter. 2. In spring, the south is rainy and warm, but the north is still cold. Dry, and windy, and the skin on the hands is particularly rough.

The Skin On The Hands

When the hands are rough, using rice whitening hand cream can quickly restore the cleanness of the hands. 3. After the Beauty And Skin Care dry season, the hair is far less soft and moist than before. The mother-to-be will find that the hair suddenly becomes frizzy and the static electricity phenomenon becomes more serious. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy. You need to often use soy milk or rice shampoo and conditioner specially designed for pregnant women to care for your hair. 4. Many mothers-to-be who always feel itchy after taking a bath often use soap in the shower, which is actually unscientific. Bathing with soap can activate the metabolism of the dermis. But ordinary soap does not contain moisturizing ingredients. How To Beauty And Skin Care.

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Moisturize The Skin How To Beauty And Skin Care

It will make the skin more and more dry and itchy. You can choose special bath products for pregnant women. It is best to choose soy milk or rice special bath products for pregnant women according to your own situation. In addition, after taking a bath, you can also apply special body lotion for pregnant women to moisturize the skin and restore smoothness. 9 ways of beauty edit remove facial wrinkles Mix fresh cucumber juice with the same amount of egg white. Apply it on the wrinkles on the face after washing your face before going to bed 2-3 times a week, and wash it off after 15-20 minutes. Beauty And Skin Care.

Dark Skin Use A Mixture Of White Vinegar

The skin will be tightened for one month, and the wrinkles will be eliminated. Dark skin Use a mixture of white vinegar and glycerin, 5:1, and rub the skin frequently to moisturize the skin and reduce melanin deposition. After one month, the skin is delicate, white, tender, clean, smooth, and elastic. Beauty and skincare Beauty and skin care (White vinegar should be used with caution, different skin types have different effects, and those with sensitive skin are prone to allergies). Remove freckles Almond 5 qi, grind into a fine powder, and mix thoroughly with egg white. Apply on the face every night before going to bed, and wash off with warm water the next day.

The Facial Skin And Apply More Masks At Home

It will be effective in 10 to 15 days, and there will be no recurrence in the future. Facial Pigmentation Spot Removal Add American Beauty wax gourd juice and white vinegar, mix thoroughly and apply on the face, 3 times a day, wash off after 10 minutes, and it can be removed for half a month. Facial black spot removal Fresh tomato juice and honey, mix 5:1, apply on the face, wash off after 10 minutes, and use it for half a month. It can decompose melanin and make the skin white Once the spots appear. It is difficult to get rid of them. In addition to the small recipes, we should pay attention to the sufficient moisture of the facial skin and apply more masks at home.

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