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Directly Absorbed | Beauty American

Directly Absorbed By The Skin

Brilliance SF Skincare, Directly absorbed by the skin. Styrene According to the CDC, styrene is a chemical use to make a variety of products. Including latex and synthetic rubber. Some everyday items that contain styrene include plastic packaging, disposable cups, insulation, and of course fragrance. The US national poisons program and the national academy of sciences have even declare styrene a probable human carcinogen. Studies have shown that high exposure to styrene may cause eye irritation, breathing problems, and even neurological damage. Benzaldehyde If you smell bittersweet almonds in a cosmetic or personal care product, you’re probably smelling an oily. Colorless liquid calle benzaldehyde.

Probably Smelling An Oily

Directly absorbed by The skin. While it may seem harmless to smell, in adde fragrances, it’s a total chemical you want to Brilliance SF Skincare stay away from Brilliance SF Skincare. Perfumes, shampoos, and bath products can all contain benzaldehyde, which is toxic when inhale or in contact with the skin. Not only can it irritate the nose and throat, causing shortness of breath and coughing. But it can also cause itchy skin and eye irritation. Dichloromethane In 1989, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banne the use of dichloromethane due to its severe toxicity. But products that list “fragrance” as an ingredient on their labels may still contain methylene chloride. Dichloromethane can still be found in products like shampoo, perfume, and cologne.

Chemicals In Fragrance Products

Today, it is one of the most common chemicals in fragrance products, although it can cause headaches, fatigue, eye, and skin Web Care Face irritation, and damage to the central nervous system. Benzyl acetate Who doesn’t love the sweet floral scent of jasmine? You might be surprising, though, because the jasmine scent in some products doesn’t actually come from jasmine. But a blend of fatty esters call Brilliance SF Skincare acetate. Brilliance SF Skincare acetate and linalool (another fragrance chemical you should stay away from!). Are both key ingredients in synthetic jasmine oil. Benzyl acetate can be found in a plethora of products including perfumes, shampoos, air fresheners, detergents, hairsprays, and more. The problem is that it’s a carcinogen link to pancreatic cancer. As well as a substance that irritates the eyes and causes breathing problems and coughing. It is also directly absorbe by the skin, causing serious effects on the body.

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