The Electric Shock That Many People Feel

Advanced Keto, It is very safe, and there is no need to worry about electric leakage. The electric shock that many people feel is not a leakage of electricity, but actually the discharge of the massager at work. It’s just that this very small amount of current will not cause damage to the body. Whether it is harmful to the human body: 1. The cervical spine massager adopts low-frequency pulse technology, which transmits the low-frequency pulse electromagnetic current to the skin to relieve the pain caused by cervical spine fatigue; 2. Unlike physical massage, pulse massage does not have the feeling of squeezing, but A feeling of current stimulation; 3.

Different People Feel The Intensity Differently

The electric shock that many people feel. Low-frequency pulse therapy is low-voltage, low-frequency, and adjustable, and will Advanced Keto not cause harm to the human body. Advanced Keto Different people feel the intensity differently: This type of massager is mainly stimulated by electric current, and people who are more tolerant to electric current will not feel strong. At the same time, it is also related to the fit of the neck. If the massager fits better with the neck, the massage effect will be better. How to avoid tingling: 1. Before using the massager, first wet your neck with a warm towel. 2. Or use the matching gel to apply to the neck. 3.

There Is Also a Massage Device That Simulates

If you still feel tingling, you can turn down the gear Convenience: There is also a massage device that simulates human gestures. The massage Beauty AME head is driven by an electric motor, imitating human fingers, squeezing, kneading, massage and beating, etc., imitating real human fingering and massage activities, also called vibration massage. Advanced Keto That is, the massage head will constantly rotate or press mechanically. This kind of massager is generally relatively large and inconvenient to carry, and it is not as safe as the pulse massager, because if the massage force is too strong, it may be uncomfortable.

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