Velvety Skin Effect And Excellent Lifting

In other words, fillers mainly tighten tissues. This filler does not attract moisture, so it does not cause puffiness. Because of this unique property, it can be use on sensitive areas such as the eyes, lips, neck, and Skincell Advance. Stimulates the production of collagen type I, which creates a velvety skin effect and excellent lifting. The drug strengthens the collagen structure and has a biological strengthening effect, making the skin more elastic and tone. The high-quality carrier gel eliminates implant ‘migration’ and ensures complete predictability and stability of the determination result. This is a biodegradable filler, that is, it is completely excrete from the body at the end of its expiration date. For complex skin restructuring, procedures such as Skincell Advanced revitalization and mesotherapy are recommende.

The Degree Of Dryness Of The Skin

Biorevitalization is an intradermal microinjection of Skincell Advanced preparations. The procedure Skincell Advanced quickly Skincell Advanced restores the water balance and normalizes the metabolism of the dermis. For procedures, hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is use. Once in the skin, it is broken down into simple components, from which it immediately begins to synthesize its own Skincell Advanced. The main effect of such injections does not occur immediately, but over time, and is of a long-term nature. After all, they do not replace the natural processes of synthesis, but enhance, accelerate and stimulate them. The number and frequency of procedures depend on the severity of the problems and the degree of dryness of the skin (usually from 1 to 2-3 procedures).

Skincell Advanced

The Skin Becomes Elastic Velvety Skin Effect And Excellent Lifting

Mesotherapy is a similar technology, only small injections of a special “cocktail” of biologically active preparations are Beauty American introduce into the skin, the composition of which may vary depending on the problem being solve. Medium mocktails usually contain vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, plant extracts, and other valuable elements. Mesotherapy procedures allow you to introduce all the active substances into the skin and help rejuvenate it from the inside. Plasmolifting is ideal for rejuvenating the cervical region. It has long been known that our blood has a powerful resource for restoring and healing the body, we just need to activate this potential. As a result, the skin becomes elastic Skincell Advanced.

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