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Beauty Care Biweekly In Commercial | American Beauty

Beauty Care Biweekly In Commercial Trade Industry

Beauty Care Biweekly In Commercial Trade Industry. Bi-weekly topic: Tmall’s data in January was weak, and offline recovery may bring new opportunities for brands. (1) Tmall data in January may be weak due to the impact of the Spring Festival. In January, the GMV of Tmall’s skincare/makeup categories was 5.014 billion yuan and 2.192 billion yuan, respectively -37.8%/-40.8% year-on-year. It cannot be rule out that some of the 22nd Spring Festival holidays are on February 1-6 and the 23rd Spring Festival is on February 1. The impact of the difference in sales time cause by the month. Skincare: Juzi Bio’s brands stand out. Kelijin/Kefumei, a subsidiary of Juzi Biotech, achieve high growth in the skincare category, and their sales in January increase by 206%/50% respectively. Skincare: Winona’s 23-year core strategy may be to return to offline, and there is a time lag in the realization of online data.

Sensitive Skin

Winona may return to the offline customer acquisition strategy this year. Base on the company’s academic and hospital Akemi Glow resource accumulation. It is expecte to acquire highly sticky customer groups through hospital/OTC channels. This year, it is expecte to return to 3,000+ joint restaurants. It is reflecte in the online data in January, and subsequent new customers may repurchase online. So it may take several months to wait for the reply Purchase data can be reflecte in online channels. Makeup: Some domestic make-up brands achieve contrarian growth. In January, the growth rate of some domestic make-up cosmetics significantly outperform the industry.

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More Sticky Skin Care Products Beauty Care Biweekly In Commercial Trade Industry

The sales of Caitang/Mao Geping/PL Lianhuo’s make-up categories increased by 54.4%/8.2%/20.7% respectively. (2) The recovery of offline consumption scenarios may become one of the driving forces for industry development in 2023. Take Winona as an example: the brand has many years of accumulation in the top three hospitals and continues to develop OTC channels. Hospitals and pharmacies are naturally easier to reach people with relatively serious skin allergies and more sticky skin care products for sensitive skin. In the future, in the case of “increasingly crowded” online customer acquisition, returning to offline channels to acquire customers + online repurchase may become the core driving force for the company’s development The rise and fall were -0.95%/-0.72%, respectively.

The Beauty Care Sector

The core companies in the beauty care sector, Aimec/Bethany/Proya/Bloomage Biotech/Huadong Medicine, rose and fell respectively on the 5th -2.61%/-2.13%/- 2.29%/-2.33%/-2.88%. The beauty care segment is still at a good time point for the layout. It is recommended to seize the opportunity for layout product innovation insights: domestic brands explore higher price bands in various ways. Look for new opportunity categories and iterative core items. Proya has recently launched a variety of new products in sub-categories and tried the previously undistributed essence oil, eye mask, and lip mask track. Because the brand has previously had no layout in this category. The price is relatively unaffected by the brand’s existing category products. average price constraints. Beauty Care Biweekly In Commercial Trade Industry.

The Main Functions

Proya also recently released the Ruby Mask 2. 0 new products, providing more opportunities for moving up the price band. Endorsement of new products with strong functionality. The main functions of the new products of domestic head brands include anti-aging, firming and lightening, anti-acne, etc. The name of the core ingredient is added to the product name to clarify the difference between the product and competing products. The efficacy of the product is proved by experimental data. Most of the price bands are above 300 yuan. Improve product price anchors with new series/brands. The high-end anti-aging brand launched in 22 Chapter 14 has a price range of about 700-1300 yuan. The high-end skincare brand KEYiN focuses on recombinant collagen ingredients, and the price range is 300-400 yuan.

Ingredients Plus Professional Research

The above brands are based on core ingredients plus professional research and development (independent or cooperation) as the core publicity point. Investment suggestion: medical beauty: With the good performance of core targets such as Aimike and Huadong Medicine. The upward movement of the valuation anchor point of the medical beauty sector may lead to an increase in investment enthusiasm in the industry. We believe that we can pay attention to it according to the following categories: (1 ) Leading targets with a rich brand matrix and high product recognition. Aimike, Huadong Medicine; (2) Targets with product matrix or downstream organization layout. Whose current growth rate is not as high as that of the first category of targets but with higher flexibility.

That May Have A Better Performance

Haohaisheng (3) medical aesthetics-related targets that may have a better performance after the first two types of targets American Beauty have increased significantly. If there is no product matrix but has been There are targets for product launch/under research. Cosmetics: At present, the focus is on Bettany and Bloomage Bio, which have strong flexibility, Proya. Which has a relatively high-performance growth certainty, and Juzi Bio. Which is expected to be included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect in the future. May still have a large room for growth in the future. Risk factors: macro factors affect consumer sentiment; changes in regulatory policies; performance of new products falls short of expectations.

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