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Our Skin Care and beauty formulations provide high-performance personal care solutions.

Skin Care And Beauty. Fumed alumina products have unique properties that make them ideal for use in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products. Including antiperspirants, hair and body care products, makeup, Perfumes, and dental products. CAB-O-SIL fumed silica is a versatile, high-efficiency additive that provides a variety of important functions. Its high surface area and high purity offer unique advantages for cosmetic and personal care formulations, including:

Liquid: Fumed Silica Enables Rheology Control

Powder: Our SpectrAl PC-401 fumed alumina is favored by cosmetics manufacturers due to its excellent optical properties Beauty And Skin Care and high purity and is ideal for use in cosmetics and personal care products. Where a soft feel is a primary focus with an additional matte finish. Our SpectrAl products can also provide anti-blocking properties. Some common skincare and beauty products that use fumed silica or fumed alumina products include toothpaste and antiperspirants. Tooth powders, sunscreen products, nail polishes, perfumes, lipsticks, pressed powders, makeup, and skin creams, and hair care products.


Airgel Skin Care Beauty Skin Care And Beauty

Additionally, aerogels can be easily incorporated into various skincare and beauty product formulations, providing excellent high-performance personal care options. Several well-known cosmetic and personal care companies use Airgel in various skincare and beauty product application ingredients. Aerogels can offer several advantages such as Excellent oil and grease absorption. Creates a low-shine, frosted optical effect Efficiently enhances oil phase viscosity Fragrance, and is long-lasting, Anti-caking, and free-flowing.

Will Not Hurt The Skin

It is best to use the middle finger and ring finger because the strength of the middle finger and ring finger is small and will not Web Care Face hurt the skin. Massage about 15 times to let the foam spread all over the face Many people feel that washing their face will be unclean if they don’t rub it vigorously. In fact, facial cleansers will take away the impurities in the skin; different skin types also have different methods of washing the face. For oily skin, it is enough to massage the “T” zone several times. For sensitive skin, you can gently massage the cheeks in a circular. Motions and rub them a few times with the foam. the fourth step After using cleansing milk, some women are afraid that it will not be clean.

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